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We Have Your Dog

"...I loved your band! Seriously y'all are badass!"

- “Too many Jim Beams” Jennifer

 "Most original thing were heard in here in a looong time!" 
-Blake from Herb & Dees Break Room

"I'm glad you guys are back on the scene! Y'all are great!" 
-that one guy, John

"if I can fuck my girlfriend to your music, you know it's good." 
- Jeremiah, the Shredder from Nomad

"Solid writing, good drummer...really loved the female singer... Solid all around."

- Michael Garvin: Hit Songwriter and Producer, 

 a Judge of The Band Wars 

 "Tight, coherent sounding band. Liked all originals. Very entertaining... Very marketable." 
-Thorton Cline: Programming Director of KQHN FM,

a Judge of The Band Wars

"Very Original..."

​-Gary Nolan: Hit Songwriter, a Judge of The Band Wars

Some of our favorite places

Our group unofficially began in October 2012, and a mix of alternative, fusion, hard rock and progressive riffs began to form in the many rooms where we filled our equipment. In the slew of noise, a concept of blending different styles and bending the idea of what the "rock" genre is began to take the reins of what we wanted to accomplish.
After 3 years of wrestling with demos and with six members at the helm, we cast a wide net of influences with a cohesive but eclectic sense of song writing.
With combined decades of performing and writing experience under our hats, we look to tell you a story- an intricate story of our own musings, struggles and thoughts.

In 2018 we entered into The Band Wars, a national competition with over 2000 entries; we made it to the top 15!! Thanks again to those who voted.

Six minds. Six voices... and thankfully more than six songs.

We're currently recording many originals! Please follow us on social media for all updates! (links at the bottom of page)

Laurel Lowe - Vocals
Kenneth David Gray - Vocals
Isaac Jackilee Meza - Guitar
Jason "Peabody" LeCount - Guitar
Michael Anzaldua - Bass
Michael Haddad - Drums & Percussion

We Have Your Dog.​

We put much thought into every set we play, trying to find the balance in between flow of the songs and just plain ol' fun. And along for the ride, we proudly use Marshall Amplifiers, Esp Guitars, Jackson Guitars, Epiphone Guitars, Ibanez Guitars, Fender Guitars, Digitech Pedals, Pearl Drums, Saluda Cymbals,

Vic Firth Sticks, Behringer Mixers, and Shure Microphones.